The Core Nonviolence Commitments Learning and Support Community

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Are you familiar with NVC Trainer Miki Kashtan’s 34 Core Nonviolence Commitments?

The commitments help me to clarify and remind myself how I would like to live my life: how I would like to relate to myself, to others, to Life itself. I often find it quite challenging to act on them, and I imagine that this is probably true for nearly everybody who aims to live their life in alignment with the commitments.

In September 2020 an idea came to me of facilitating a series of online sessions with the purpose of creating a space for mutual support in reflecting on and integrating the commitments. Miki and her project manager Isa Stewart said yes to my request for help setting up and running this project, certification candidate Claudia Sánchez of Colombia said yes to being co-trainer, and The Core Nonviolence Commitments Learning and Support Community project was born!

As of the beginning of January 2021, Claudia and I are offering one module of 3 online sessions per month to explore, in turn, each of the commitments, over the space of 3 years. The sessions are in English. We may or may not decide to offer sessions in Spanish starting several months later.

If you are interested in engaging with the commitments with others, we invite you to register whenever you like to become a member of the Learning and Support Community, at no cost. You may then sign up, when the time comes, for any upcoming module which you choose to attend. We are committed to offering the modules on a gift economy basis, and invite you to participate in contributing to this project financially for each module you attend.

You can find more information and the link to registration here.